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If your child loves dinosaurs, pirates, knights, mummies and samurai, they'll absolutely flip over the multi-award winning TIME SOLDIERS® adventure book series!

HAVING CHALLENGES GETTING YOUR KIDS TO SIT DOWN AND READ? We just might have the perfect solution! Check out this "movie-book" format with your kids and watch their eyes get huge as you scroll through the sample pages. It's like a movie inside a book!  Perfect for kids 10 and under, especially boys!

We know it's tough right now and kids are falling behind in their reading skills and depending on parents to "entertain" them. Like you've got all the time and patience in the world for that, right? Get your kids "hooked" on reading and show them the world of Time Soldiers® adventure books. They'll love you for it...we promise!

And if you've got a truck, bulldozer or fire truck lover in the family, you've just got to check out the BiG STUFF® board books...Yikes!!