School's out. The LAST thing on your son's mind is READING! All that work throughout the school year and he's about to lose 40-50% of his reading habits and abilities over the summer unless you've got a good book series or two for him to dive into. You've done that though, right? No? Oops.

No worries...we've got you covered!


Guaranteed to get boys READING!

If your child likes The Magic Tree House series, they will LOVE the Time Soldiers® books! Created in a "cinematic-style" so VISUALLY engaging, kids want to read them over and over again, even if they've been struggling, claiming they "don't like to read." These books have been specifically designed to grab the attention and FULL interest of even the most reluctant reader!

 The Time Soldiers® series is for second through fourth graders but boys as young as 4 (especially dinosaur and pirate lovers) will BEG to have them read aloud TO well as spend hours going through the pages by themselves, fully engaged in the movie-like scenes! Find out what kids, parents, teachers and librarians are raving about!

BiG STUFF Board Books

Young children will love these bright, whimsical photo-portraits of monster trucks, tractors, bulldozers, 18 wheeler trucks, fire engines, rescue vehicles, racing cars, dinosaurs, sea creatures and more. Parents and kids alike will delight in the subtle humor and outrageously funny expressions of the "not-quite-famous" BiG STUFF kids who help teach little minds about these great subjects!

BiG 8X8" high quality board books have 16 pages of wonderful photo-illustrations of all the things little boys love most! Ages 1-4. Click on any book cover to see samples of inside pages.